8th Grade Graduation Parade!
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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has closed all Arizona schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Arlington school will continue to run our packet program. All activities and trips are cancelled, this includes the 8th grade trip and graduation.
If you do not have your student’s teacher’s cell phone number, please contact Mrs. Hacker at 623-386-2031. You can find your teacher’s email and extension number on this website under the ‘classrooms’ link.

El gobernador de Arizona Doug Ducey ha cerrado todas las escuelas de Arizona por el resto del año escolar 2019-2020. La escuela de Arlington continuará ejecutando nuestro programa de paquetes. Todas las actividades y viajes se cancelan, esto incluye el viaje de octavo grado y la graduación.
Si no tiene el número de teléfono celular del maestro de su estudiante, comuníquese con la Sra. Hacker al 623-386-2031. Puede encontrar el correo electrónico y el número de extensión de su profesor en este sitio web en el enlace “aulas”.

Please check the CLASSROOM pages for contact information for your child’s teacher.

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Third quarter is off to a great start. Remember to check with your child to see if any papers or homework have been sent home. Often, children forget to give these things to their parents.

Girl’s Basketball Schedule 2020

ALL NEW STUDENTS :   You will need a birth certificate, proof of residency and an immunization record.


Budget Rev #2


Welcome to Arlington School’s webpage.

Arlington School is the only school in the Arlington School District #47. We are located about fifty miles west of Phoenix in the tiny community of Arlington, Arizona.

CHILD FIND: Please notify the school if you are aware of any children (ages 3 and up) that are in need of special services or are living in a shelter or homeless situation. Please call the school at 623-386-2031.

Tax Payers!


You can send all your state taxes to the State of Arizona or make a contribution to Arlington School and receive a tax credit for up to $400.00 on your state income tax return, per A.R.S. 43-1089.01.

Single taxpayers or heads of household can donate up to $200.00 and married taxpayers who file a joint return can contribute up to $400.00. If that married couple files separate returns, each one can claim one-half of the $400.00.

Please support our school with any amount that you would otherwise be paying to the State of Arizona. Simply complete the form found on the link provided at the bottom, designate which activity you would like the donation to go towards and return it with your check/ money order or cash for any amount up to $400.00.

We will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Please see the Document Manager for the latest forms!


Quarter 2

Quarter 2 has just begun! This means the year is halfway over! We hope you’re enjoying your school experience so far.